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12 Things to Craft Using Toilet Paper Rolls

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So, you’re stuck at home with the kids for at least two weeks due to the coronavirus. You ate all the snacks and drank all the wine in the first two days. Now what? You can’t go outside; it’s raining. Can’t go to the mall, it’s closed. Nope, not going to the movies either. Daytime TV is just wrong, and you’ve watched all the good stuff on Netflix.
But don’t despair! Remember all that toilet paper you had to have when the pandemic started? Now you can put those empty rolls to good use and maybe entertain yourself at the same time. Here are 12 things to craft using toilet paper rolls.

1. Empty Rolls Made Into Flowers

These are quite easy to put together. Using three empty rolls folded in half, and then staple to hold their shape. Glue three of them to form the flower and paint. Attach to a stick. Use a fourth empty roll painted green as the leaves, poke the stick through. Insert your creation into a container filled with sand, and you have work of art, sure to put you into the Spring mood.

2. Roll Wreath

This will take a few empty rolls. But for those that decided to hoard toilet paper for the coronavirus lockdown, you will have something to do in a few months.


3. Loveable Hedgehog

This little guy is simply adorable. Hard to believe he’s been fashioned from the cardboard inserts from a roll of toilet paper.





4. Mini Japanese Carp Windsocks

The kids will have fun making them and then flying them outside when the weather improves for outdoor activities.

5. Fancy Flowers

If you want to get into some more flower detail, click on the photo and you will be taken to the site on how to make these cute flowers you can enjoy long after your garden has faded for the season.









6. Seed Starters

This idea is just genius. Why spend all that money on biodegradable cups to start your seeds? You can use TP rolls that break down just as well. Recycle, reuse! 


7. Homemade Bird Feeder

Spread peanut butter on an empty roll and roll in birdseed. Tie up with some string or twine to a tree. Birdwatching can be safely done from your own home or backyard.


8. Home Office Organizer

Cover rolls with decorative tape and attach it to a base. Now your home office is a little more organized, and you can get more work done.






9. Decorative Boxes

I just love these little boxes made with jute, burlap, some crafting paper or printed fabric, and old buttons or beads. You can use just about anything to decorate them.





10. Cell Phone Speaker

Get that decorative tape back out and fancy up an empty roll of toilet paper. Cut a hole to the size of your phone and attach some thumbtacks as legs. Now you can turn up the tunes in your home office while you are working from home during the quarantine.





11. Cell Phone Stand

You don’t have to go out and get an expensive stand to watch your favorite videos on your phone. Just take a couple of empty toilet paper rolls and decorate with some heavy decorative tape, and you will be ready to watch handsfree.


12. The Art of Quilling

The ancient art of quilling has been duplicated here with the use of the cardboard core of a toilet paper roll.




Stay Safe

Staying home during this time is the responsible thing to do. It may not be as entertaining as you would hope it would be. But it is manageable and just a small part of your life. By helping not to spread the coronavirus you are potentially saving lives. Please do your part, and maybe you will find some of these projects fun, and it has helped to pass the time.

If you have any other fun ideas, please feel free to let me know, and I can add them to this post. Send me your thoughts to: carrie@paintpinecone.com. Also, feel free to post a comment in the space provided.

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4 thoughts

  • Erika B.
    March 22, 2020 at 10:15 pm

    These are some great ideas! Great, creative post. Loving the idea for seed starters. I’m trying to find easy ways to start a balcony garden and these are a cheap way to start seeds indoors before putting them into a larger planter. Whenever I can get to the store and buy some seeds after all this is over, of course.
    Stay home, stay safe!

    • March 23, 2020 at 3:40 pm

      I know right? I’m going to have to start my seeds this way from now on. Now if the weather ever changes it would be nice to get outside. It kept trying to snow yesterday and that was just not a thing for me. I need to get outside and get my vitamin D!

  • David Buckley
    March 23, 2020 at 4:53 pm

    Great site packed with ideas for all. Love the hanging hearts and used toilet role stuff.

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