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Monthly Craft Kits For Adults, The Pros and Cons Crochet Craft Clubs

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There are a lot of pros and cons regarding these different crafting clubs that are popping up all over the internet and I really don’t think some of them are the method to learn how to do different crafts. But then again, I don’t know how to do everything (yet) so maybe some of them can be of great help.

Learn How to Crochet Step By Step

Sure they probably tell you exactly how to do each and every step. The full color photographs they boast about are probably very helpful when making some of those tricky stitches. But you can also find out how to do each and every one of those stitches from free tutorials on YouTube. I personally came across a few old books from the library and learned that way. If you don’t want to go to the library, I have seen books at the thrift store on how to learn to crochet for beginners, and crochet patterns. They normally have some yarn for sale that I would recommend practicing with before you go out and purchase some lovely, fancy, not to mention expensive, stuff they have for sale at the craft store.

Too Expensive!

These monthly clubs charge you a monthly fee for the supplies, instructions and then top it off with some shipping and handling. The one I see advertised a lot lately charges $19.95 every 4 weeks plus $5.95 shipping. The afghan is beautiful, the stitches really stand out and I just love the variety it shows. But guess what? They only send you up to three rows at a time. It takes 11 months to get all the yarn and directions. Let me see, that adds up to… Can I get a drum roll? $284.90! Please tell me you know that is insane! If you were to order the same thing through a catalog and get it all at once, you would probably be able to get it for around $45 to $60 depending on how much yarn is used.

Convenience and Helping

I do have to say that these kits come in a timely manner and like I said before they have detailed instructions. You don’t have to go out to several stores on comb the internet to find the materials. Some of them say that they have free gifts also included with each shipment. I’m not sure what they are, perhaps the size of hooks needed and some stitch markers and a yarn needle.

Some say that they will send you items to help out others, like yarn and directions to make chemo caps. Others make gloves and scarves for homeless. It’s nice that they send you the materials to make them to help out those in need. I’m not sure, but I think a percentage of the purchase also goes to charity. At least I hope that it does… Yes, I can be a little cynical.

My Opinion

I really think that I could make items for charity a lot cheaper than what these monthly clubs. The total cost is just too much for me to consider going this route. In my opinion, these companies aren’t losing out on any profit when they say they are donating to a charity as well. I think they have just raised the price, so in reality the customer is paying for the donation as well as making the product to donate back to the charity. Why should I go broke and get carpal tunnel while a yarn company gets all the credit? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking for credit, I just feel they are taking advantage of kind-hearted people that are just trying to help others.

There are many other ways to help out. There are oodles of free patterns out there on the internet to show you how to make chemo caps, scarves, gloves, etc. If you order your yarn online, wait until they have their big bi-annual sales and try to get it when they offer free shipping.

Sorry if I sound negative about the monthly crafting clubs, but they just seem to be a bit over priced. But hey, if money isn’t an issue, then they can be a great thing and you will have some pretty wonderful handmade heirlooms and gifts when you’re done.

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