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Vintage Mandala Throw; Help! These Directions Are Too Confusing

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Have you ever come across a crochet pattern that actually said anything over “Intermediate” on the difficulty gauge?

Me neither, so when I came across this one in a catalog I had to have it. Right away I figured out why they said it was for “experienced” crocheters. Loving a good challenge, I am coming right along with it and am really enjoying it. This item is something you can’t just keep working on if you find that you made a mistake. It has to be perfect and the count has to be right on in order to go on to the next section. At one point I realized I had skipped over a section and had to do some ripping, about 8 rows worth. This something that would normally upset me, but with this particular project, it was no big deal. I just ripped it out and began again. Here’s a finished photo that came with the kit that I purchased from Amazon.com.

Read The Directions First

Well, I learned right off the top that I didn’t read the directions as thoroughly as I thought I did. It was very confusing to me when it came to the center section that you can see has a cable stitch of sorts in diamond shapes and then again around the large border. I followed the directions and made a chain of seven, every time it asked for one. By the time I was just about finished with this section it looked just plain goofy and nothing like the photo.

It looked like, well I don’t know what I would call it, but it was huge and full of holes. Well, you can see what I mean in the photo and draw your own conclusions. So I looked over the directions and found the manufacturers contact information and send and email asking what was meant by these chain seven stitches, but on the chart it called them chain seven loops? Neither one were going to make ti look like the photo and there must be something else they had in mind when they wrote them up. The Help department got back to me within a few hours and told em that I needed to do a stitch called Jacob’s Ladder. If you’re not familiar with it, you can click here to see how it’s done.

Okay, fine. A Jacob’s Ladder is done normally with 10 chains and slip stitched to make a loop. Then you turn your work, but in this particular portion of my project, there is no turning of the work. So I went ahead and made the loop like they had said and came up with these results…

Nope. That’s still not looking right. I didn’t take it out as far as before, but I know that it wasn’t going to look right when I was done. So then the light bulb finally went off in my head, grabbed some practice yarn and worked on what I had decided they meant. What I finally came up with, and you probably had it figured out, is to go back to my original seven loops. Then to take them and loop them together like they showed in the YouTube video. Yep, that’s what it was supposed to be. I had crocheted it right the first time and now I had to do it over again and then loop/twist them together to make the “ladder.”

Here’s what I have going so far now that I have that little dilemma figured out. I will finish this before I work on another project, but it might be a while before I make another one in a different color like I had planned when I purchased the kit.

I found it easier to use the crochet hook to weave the chain links together.


Once they were woven together I used stitch markers to hold them in place until the next row, where they were slip stitched to hold them in place.


This isn’t even half done yet, stay tuned, for more in coming posts…

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2 thoughts

  • Jennifer
    March 16, 2020 at 5:02 am

    thank you for this explanation. i was going nuts trying understand. this really should have been more fully explained anywhere in the instructions

    • March 16, 2020 at 9:04 pm

      I’m glad I was able to help. Right now I’m at a standstill. I ran out of yarn and they are sending more. It should be here the next week. This project has been a challenge, but I’ve been enjoying watching it take shape.


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